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Organ Donor

I wish I could say it was altruistic, that I’m selfless, that I’m a hero. But the truth is, I am a selfish creature...


Every / Other

I can’t remember where I first heard it, or when. All I remember is that the girl who said it was an Every...


Muscle Memory

Other residents would cradle baby dolls, designed to match the heft of a newborn. But for Grandpa...


Five Days

On the first day, she turns down the bed. She switches off the television, fluffs up the pillows, replaces the tiny toiletries...

pexels-ali-hassan-2877066 - drop and pud

The collective dehydration of mothers

At first, you think it’s just dehydration, that perhaps your cells are shriveling...


The Baker and the Wife

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Under her hands, the dough felt like flesh. Smooth, pliant flesh.

durian pexels-hong-son-4487992.jpg

death fruit

my parents drive around our home city, in the off-season, looking for fresh durian...

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Lady Finger

It was tiny, and exquisitely formed. The smallest little banana...

bed hand pexels-daria-shevtsova-3794732.jpg

Sitting the Moon

My body is diminished. It needs to replenish. The process starts on Day One...

sea shells pexels-sue-corrigan-638369.jpeg

The Bone Pearl

This is the way I remember my grandmother: knee-deep in water, skirts knotted around her waist...




It’ll be one of those nights. I can tell. I can always tell...




Books due to be published over the next couple of years...

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