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Image by mariyand_r (IG), commissioned by me

Coming in 2025, For No Mortal Creature, is a dark YA fantasy which (like my debut) features lots of romance and some horror elements. While it is not yet completed, the first chapter won 2nd place in the Voyage YA Love & War First Chapters Contest, guest judged by NYT bestselling author Ayana Gray. Here's what Ayana had to say about it:

"The pacing of this chapter was tight, something I always really like in an opening. I was intrigued by the worldbuilding and instantly wanted to know more--you did a great job of sprinkling it in without creating info dumps, which is challenging. We instantly get a sense of three really important things in any story: a goal, a motive, and the immediate conflict. Obviously, you end on a fantastic hook that really made me want to keep reading. This was really, really good..."

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